Gloria Collins Esq.

Former Career Prosecutor and Current Defense Attorney

Reggie Washington is the best thing that has happened to criminal defense of gang members--finally someone who can tell the jury the truth about gang members, gang behavior and what is and, more importantly, what is not a gang crime.

For years the defense has had to sit through the biased testimony of a gang detective seeking a conviction posing as an objective “expert”, spouting decades-old obsolete and incorrect information as gospel in what is really propensity evidence of a stereotype that no longer exists.
Reggie Washington changes all this by bringing the objective truth to the jury.  He has been the gang member, the prison inmate and now is part of the solution to the gang problem.  His testimony is objective, factual and correct.  He works with police, courts, gang commission, probation, giving him the gravitas juries respect.

He puts a face on the gang member, removing the “gang member” label as he explains how the accused is also a son, brother and father in the community.  Mr. Washington understands the DOJ documentation criteria and is able to explain why police detentions and field interviews  has resulted in a bone-deep distrust among young black men and the police, explaining why they run, lie to the police and engage in other behaviors traditionally used to show consciousness of guilt.  

He dispels the “respect” theory used by prosecutions to show how most crime is personal, not gang-motivated.  He can describe traditional gang crime and differentiate what is not a gang crime. 

He testifies with sincerity, honesty and a breadth of knowledge that instantly comes across to the jury and dispels the stigma that comes with the “gang member” label used by most prosecutors indiscriminately.

As a former career prosecutor and current defense attorney, I cannot say enough good things about Reggie Washington and the impact he has on juries.  I will never defend another gang case without him.




Zaki Zehawi Esq.
Deputy Alternate Public Defender

Reggie Washington is more than a gang expert witness.  He is the Street Oracle of Truth.  He gave humanity to society's most marginalized...and the jury agreed, acquitting 2 documented gang members of multiple counts of attempted murder with a firearm.  The jury was moved beyond words and held the utmost respect for Mr. Washington.  He gave a future to 2 young men who were classified, dehumanized and demonized by the prosecution.  

I am forever indebted to Mr. Washington.  

Tracy D. Friedman
Attorney at Law

I recently had the opportunity to work with Mr. Washington on a very serious case in which my client was facing several life sentences. I found Mr. Washington to be invaluable, not only in terms of refining my own understanding of his area of expertise, but also in terms of polishing and presenting the defense. 

Mr. Washington's self possessed easy and open and honest demeanor made it effortless for the jury to connect with him, and even more importantly, listen to him. 

In my particular case, Mr. Washington's testimony enabled the jury to fully understand the lifestyle and circumstances that often surround people associated with or in a gang. Mr. Washington's voice was only one against the multiple police officers and gang detectives that testified against my client, but his voice was heard. His honesty and knowledge resonated in the courtroom. With Mr. Washington's expertise and assistance the jury returned "Not Guilty" verdicts on both Attempted Murders and "Not True" findings as to the Gang Allegations, for which my client had been charged.  

Mr. Washington was always prompt, professional, and passionate. His unwavering dedication to the criminal justice system and the criminally accused made it easy and a true treasure of my personal career to work with him. I commend Mr. Washington for the work he is doing for our communities and the criminal justice system with Project AWARE and his willingness to add his expertise to the criminal process. I would highly recommend Mr. Washington to anyone looking to protect the rights of the accused and ensure that justice prevails.